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The ZoneReporting Financial Analysis Package

Over 30 Financial Reports 

Our financial analysis package includes more than 30 pre-built reports and dashboards designed by former CFO’s and COO’s. Regardless of your industry, department, or business challenge, these reports will deliver value on day 1!


Pre-Built Data Integrations

In addition to your NetSuite data, our built-in connectors allow you to pull in financial data from dozens of sources.


The Complete Financial Dashboard

Dozens of pre-built reports allow you to easily see Top Level Analysis, Segmentation Analysis, Cash Flow Insights, FP&A Reporting and much more.


Full-Story Reporting

With unlimited joins on all of your ERP data, you can see your business records and transactions end-to-end to get the full story of your performance.


Get a Handle on Your Finances

Enjoy enterprise-wide, financial and operational, reporting all in one tool. Join data from any source for one version of the truth reporting!


Financial Analysis for NetSuite

ZoneReporting delivers quick, accurate insights into all your key financial data, helping you manage your business with professionally built reporting dashboards.



Pre-Built KPI Scorecard for NetSuite


Our KPI Scorecard is the latest of over 50 pre-built reports designed specifically for companies running NetSuite. With it, you can quickly and easily track:

  • Sales and revenue growth

  • Customer acquisition and retention

  • Marketing and advertising effectiveness

  • Operational efficiency

  • And much more

Best of all, our KPI Scorecard report is fully customizable. Choose the metrics that are most important to your business, and set targets for each one. Stop digging for data and focus on the areas that are most critical to your success, ensuring that you are making progress towards your goals.

How it Works

Watch the video to learn how ZoneReporting can help your business by delivering a better reporting solution.


Ready to get started?

Business Intelligence | Strategy
The more time [a team] can spend analyzing and decision making, the better off you are . . . It's been great to partner with the team at Zone to help see that goal start to come to life."

There's More to Love

ZoneReporting is the only Pre-Built Power BI reporting solution for NetSuite, Salesforce, and more. 

  • 50+ pre-built Power BI reports and dashboards

  • Microsoft certified App

  • NetSuite certified SuiteApp

  • #1 Ranked BI tool by Gartner (Power BI)

  • NetSuite and Salesforce's Data Model Replicated and Reconciled

  • Implementation in less than 2 weeks

  • Includes hands-on consultation and training

  • Pre-built report collections that provide business insight on Day 1 of being live with ZoneReporting

  • Embed Power BI Reports Back into your source system

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