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Customer Success Video with Teneo

Updated: May 3

Learn how the consulting powerhouse Teneo utilized Power BI to enhance their NetSuite Reporting!

ZoneReporting was first contacted by Teneo to help their global finance/accounting team with reporting across their various subsidiaries and business units in more real-time instead of at month-end. They were evaluating multiple reporting tools, but found ZoneReporting was the only one positioned to help them report both financially and operationally across multiple data sources with near real-time data refreshes.

ZoneReporting was quickly able to deploy their pre-built Power BI platform for NetSuite and add value. One of the biggest wins for Teneo is that their leadership can now view reports in near real-time which has allowed for them to see data faster and make better data driven decision to steer the company to exceed their targets.

If you'd like to learn more about ZoneReporting and how we can help your business click HERE!

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