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Introducing the SaaS Reporting Package

Over 20 SaaS-Focused Reports 

Our new SaaS reporting package includes over 20 new pre-built reports and dashboards designed by former CFO’s and COO’s. No matter what industry, department, or business challenge, we can help you deliver value on day 1!


Enterprise-Wide Reporting

Enjoy a single reporting tool for all your data sources. ZoneReporting offers a complete solution that includes data from NetSuite, Salesforce, Google Analytics & AdWords, and more in order to provide you with one version of the truth. 


Key SaaS Metrics

It is simply not possible to produce key analytics in most ERP and Financial Reporting Software platforms. Get a deeper level of data analysis for operational insights with our reporting package. 


No Unruly Spreadsheets

Studies show that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors, and there is a serious risk of
inaccurate reports making it to the board or into investor decks. Avoid this entirely with accurate reporting straight from the source.


Automated Reporting

Our reports are updated frequently (daily or even hourly), allowing you to proactively
manage your business, reviewing performance as needed instead of waiting for a month-end report to be prepared.


Automated SaaS Reporting for NetSuite

ZoneReporting delivers quick, accurate insights via automated, detailed reporting that gives enterprise-wide visibility and doesn’t rely on enormous spreadsheets.


Dive In to the Details

Have 10 minutes? Let us show you around the new SaaS reporting package. In this video, we highlight the benefits, showcase a number of the reports, and explain how you can get started today.


Ready to get started?

Business Intelligence | Strategy
The more time [a team] can spend analyzing and decision making, the better off you are . . . It's been great to partner with the team at Zone to help see that goal start to come to life."

There's More to Love

ZoneReporting is the only Pre-Built Power BI reporting solution for NetSuite, Salesforce, and more. 

  • 50+ pre-built Power BI reports and dashboards

  • Microsoft certified App

  • NetSuite certified SuiteApp

  • #1 Ranked BI tool by Gartner (Power BI)

  • NetSuite and Salesforce's Data Model Replicated and Reconciled

  • Implementation in less than 2 weeks

  • Includes hands-on consultation and training

  • Pre-built report collections that provide business insight on Day 1 of being live with ZoneReporting

  • Embed Power BI Reports Back into your source system

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